Vivid Veneers

  • Suffering from fractured, discolored or small shape teeth?

  • Have worn away teeth edges resulting in a prematurely aged appearance?

  • Simply not satisfied with your smile and have to hide it in society?







Vivid Veneers is the answer for your dental esthetic requirements.


Customly made for you, Vivid Veneers are extremely thin layers of ceramics used to completely and dramatically enhance the appearance of your teeth, thus giving you a beautiful and aligned white smile.

Transforming your smile couldn’t be any easier with “Vivid Veneers”. It takes only 2 visits to Vivid Dental Care to bring out your beautiful smile.


  • During your first visit your teeth will be prepared and a precision mold will be taken.
  • We will choose the right shade and shape of your new permanently white smile.
  • On your second visit, your custom-made “Vivid Veneers” are checked for fit and shade, then painlessly attached.






vivid-veneers6How great would it be to visualize how you could look like with “Hollywood Smile Makeover” before going through the whole procedure?

We do it every single day and our patients love it! Our new digital imaging software of Vivid Dental Care has made it possible for us to show you your new smile in just a few minutes without even touching your teeth!

Visualize your future smile:

You deserve to see how your teeth will look like even at your FIRST visit to our dental care.

Using the latest imaging software simulation, we are able to show you your future smile BEFORE your total smile makeover treatment begins.