Pain-free smile transformation is no more a dream

Your ultimate solution to offer yourself a “starlike” smile with no injections, no drilling, no pain and yet in one week.
Lumineers are extremely thin layers of porcelain, made of highly resistant type of ceramics, used to transform how your teeth look like, yet ensuring an enjoyable stress free experience.


Smile with confidence, have your Lumineers now!

Whether you have a limited time frame to complete your total smile “makeover”, are afraid of painful injections and drilling, or simply just want to avoid lengthy and uncomfortable procedures, Lumineers are your ultimate solution to have a “Hollywood Smile”. lumineers-3

The ultra-thin Lumineers are custom designed to offer your “Dream Smile” yet using no shots.

  • No pain and no drilling of sensitive tooth structure.

  • Being 100% reversible, you have nothing to lose.



In just two visits during one week, those Lumineers are yours!

During your first visit, a precise impression of your teeth is taken - then we will discuss with you the desired shape and shade of your dream smile.
On your second visit, your custom-made Lumineers are painlessly attached to your teeth, giving you a beautiful white smile.
It’s beautiful, healthy, permanently white natural smile in only 2 visits.

Ask for your official warranty. Lumineers are proved to last over 20 years.

A dentist must be certified to place Lumineers and our team has the certification, experience and expertise to offer you Lumineers treatment.

Our experienced cosmetic dentists have the artistic flair and the technical skills to carry out this type of treatment.

Visualize your future smile:

You deserve to see how your teeth will look like even at your FIRST visit to our dental care.

Using the latest imaging software simulation, we are able to show you your future smile BEFORE your total smile makeover treatment begins.