Gentle Dentistry

gentle-dentistry“Gentle dentistry is a common phrase to people suffering from “Dental Phobia”. It is a concept that is appearing more and more regularly, as increasing numbers of dental patient are seeking higher quality dental treatment with maximum comfort and minimum pain.

As the dental industry becomes increasingly competitive, we at Vivid Dental Care have invested in our practice and explored different ways to improve the overall patient experience.

We have built our approach around key areas to ensure you the “Gentle Dental Experience”:

  • We believe in our team dental skills and are permanently seeking to follow more training and knowledge about how to treat patients who are anxious about pain or phobic about dentistry.
  • We are able to employ sophisticated behavioral management techniques, which help patients to relax.
  • We try to be sensitive to how our patients are feeling and are able to adjust our own approach to suit different patients and put them at their ease.
  • We have invested in new technologies and equipped our clinics with the latest breakthroughs in dental technology. Much of this technology is specifically designed to make dentistry easier and more comfortable for patients.
  • We adopt evidence based dental techniques recognized and approved by leading dental institutions and research organizations worldwide.
  • We perform dental procedures designed to minimize the number of patient’s appointments.