About Us

who-we-are“ No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” 
~ H.E Luccock

If a single dentist can make a difference, than imagine the potential of a whole team.

Because different dental experience needs a different kind of dentists, we regrouped a team of specialized dentists, dedicated to take dental treatments and patient comfort to a whole new level, making each appointment a restful, enjoyable and stress free visit.


What makes us different?

• We hold our patients in the highest regard and place them at the heart of all what we do.

• We value their satisfaction by providing dental treatments and smile makeover that have pronounced impact on their self esteem.

• More than anything else, we value the safety of our patients. Vivid Dental Care is committed to the highest standards and latest guidelines in cross infection control and instrument sterilization procedures.

Our philosophy:

Dental Care = minimally invasive + metal free dentistry

Vivid Dental Care adopted this principle as it is designed to achieve the best standards of oral health without significant dental intervention by:
• Performing the least amount of dentistry needed to address the dental need.
• Removing only the minimal amount of the natural tooth structure needed to facilitate the corrective dental procedure that is required.
• Relying on a selection of the most appropriate materials that conserve the maximum amount of natural tooth structure.
• Using only the most resilient and long-lasting dental materials to reduce the need for future replacement.
• Using trusted dental materials that have been researched and approved by leading dental institutions and research organizations worldwide.
• Performing dental procedures designed to minimize the number of patient appointments.
• Collaborating with dental laboratories that follow similar principles.

Because we care !